Psychometric Testing Sessions

Psychometric tests are an essential part in practically all careers applications during an undergraduates degree, whether it be applying for a scholarship, internship or graduate job. There are varying types of test, including numerical and mechanical ability as well as logical reasoning, with it often being a necessity to complete several types of test during an application process. These tests are notorious for being very challenging, and are specifically designed to ensure only the most capable students make it to the interview stages.

Over the past week, free Psychometric testing sessions were provided for students, in particular for the 4th years. On contacting Alan Robertson, the careers advisor for the Faculty of Engineering, arrangements were made for 3 such sessions to be held in the Royal College building for a total of 30 places available,

In addition to providing a test environment, Mr Robertson also provided advice on techniques one can use to improve your grade as well as highlighting common mistakes and traps students can fall into.

The sessions were were extremely popular with students, with over 95% of places being filled, and will certainly be run again next year.

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