The EEE Society Committee has a rigid internal structure, with all committee members taking clearly defined roles so as to maximise productivity and provide the very best for our members. This page details the current committee members and their positions.

If you are a general member are interested in becoming more involved, or have any questions , please drop us an email! 

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Web Designer
Merchandise Organiser


Emma Webster - President


Hey everyone! I’m Emma and one of 3 students in 4th year studying Electrical Energy Systems! As you can guess by the course, I’m interested in Power and Renewable Energy Technologies. Currently, I’m working on evaluating Distribution Network Reliability, which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds!! My main skills consist of knowing everyone in my year, making logbooks into works of art and being the creator of the EEE gang symbol. Outside of uni, I mainly eat, sleep and try not to cry about being stressed! I am also learning Mandarin. Come along and say hi at our next social! - EEE Prez

Jade McMorland - Vice President/Grad Ball Organiser

Hi Everyone! I’m Jade, a 4th year currently studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Business Studies! My motivation is that I’m almost 4/5 of the way through university – so it’s too late to give up now! My main interests are offshore wind, I’m a big fan. I am currently involved with both the Power Academy and Royal Academy of Engineering scholarship schemes. My key skills include knowing all of ABBA’s greatest hits, knowing every word to high school musical and having the most extra hair and nails in my year! I’m currently the Grad Ball Organiser for the EEE society.


Big Hair, Big Dreams.


Adrian Soo - Secretary


Hey guys! I’m a 4th year student studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and this is going to be my last year of uni! For 4 years, I have met lots of amazing people in this university, and get to share the ups and downs that the course kindly threw at us! My interests in EEE are Robotics, Analogue, Control Systems, and Photonics. Hopefully by the time I graduate, I’ll be able to get a career in defense, or control and automation engineering.


For the meantime, hope to see you guys during socials!😊

Jia Ying Chen - Treasurer/Merchandise Organiser

Hey, I’m Jia, and I am the treasurer of EEE society. I’m currently in my fourth year at Strathclyde studying BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am interested in the field of robotics, control and software. My project this year is 'Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms on Android Snapdragon Development Board', which is to investigate the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for AI and implement an application on the Snapdragon Development Board.

Hope to see you guys in the social events!


Waigeit Kong - Social Events Organiser

IMG_3921 .jpg

Hi! I’m in my 4th year of studying EEE. My interests are focused on Robotics and controls Engineering. I am currently working on my 4th year project - creating an Electromechanical Blood Pump! Apart from EEE, during my free time I like to watch kdrama/anime and currently I’m interested in learning how to make latte art.


Hope to be seeing you all during Socials!

Graeme Fitzpatrick- Website Manager/ Graphic Designer

Hello! I am Currently in my 4th year at Strathclyde, studying EEE.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with an engineering consultancy as an Electronic & Software engineer. 

I am keen to engage in the challenges that come with designing Electronic systems and firmware, so that is the sector where I have been focusing my degree and experiences.

Outside of university, I'm an avid fan of video games, everything from old rhythm games and tetris to modern RPGs and FPS games.

If you see me about, say hello! I'm happy to help whether its EEE Advice or otherwise!


Ryan Conlon - Web Design


Hello! I'm currently in my 4th year of EEE. I run on caffeine, and you can probably find me in some coffee place typing like a maniac before my laptop battery fails. My main areas of focus are electronics and software. I'm planning to go all the way and get my masters before entering the world of work.


Take it easy and I look forward to see you all at our socials!

Alistair Wilson - Engineering Trip/Workshop Organiser

Hi guys

I’m Ali. I’m in my 4th year of MEng Electrical Energy Systems. I’m interested renewables and other ‘world-saving’ tech like nuclear fusion.

I enjoy eating and sleeping, in various combinations. I also enjoy being awake. I like music too. Music’s good.

I’m Engineering Boi for the EEE Society this year. I’m sure I’ll see you around