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Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society
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Emma Webster

EEE Society President


Welcome to the Strathclyde EEE Society website! We have put this together to show you all the amazing opportunities the society offers. We are aiming to provide the EEE student community with the best in all aspects educational, social and even the celebration of different cultures we have within the department.


As a brand new student committee this year, we are trying to offer exciting events that are a bit different! I could not ask for better people by my side than the current committee. Everyone has put 100% effort in, despite how busy they are as 4th years!


A special shout out to Graeme and Ryan, our website developers, without them you wouldn’t be reading this right now! So far this year has been brilliant! I have already met so many members who have been as enthusiastic about the society as the committee has! We have lots of unmissable events planned over the year, and we can’t wait to see you all there!







We at Strathclyde believe in offering a wide variety of events that are relevent to our students. Whether it be helping our peers with organised psychometric testing sessions, taking academic trips to various power plant facilities, welcoming students from abroad to Scottish culture or chilling out together with a nice frothy pint and free food at our sponsored bar, we provide our students with a huge variety of activities to really cement the student experience.


Some of the more notable events we've hosted are:


  • Psychometric Testing Sessions

  • Halloween Pub Crawl

  • Charity Poker Night

  • Chinese Burns Night

  • Whitelee Windfarm Trip


If you wish to find out more about the events the society have organsied in the past, click the link to what we did during the 2015-16 term or alternatively mouse over the header above.